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About MoCM...  

MoCM (Monopolis custom made) is an art laboratory for creating original, handmade, electronic constructions that turn unconventional ideas into reality. It was originally created by Andreas Monopolis
as a tool for artistic expression to become later a side activity of his.

A. Monopolis is -among other things- a composer and performer of electro-acoustic music. The MoCM collection endeavors to enrich those musical fields that rely heavily on mechanistic creation, but at the same time it can be integrated and give remarkable results to any other musical genre.

Each sound machine is unique and includes a variety of materials and features. The collection has an old school character without losing its originality and its playful style; it is futuristic, yet elegant and edgy.

The sound machines move around the axis of Tinkering, prototyping and organic construction through material recycling. Tinkering and experimenting with these materials and sound units adds a whole new dimension to the creation and performance of DIY music.

The MoCM workshop is continually evolving and always oriented towards collaborations and exchange of ideas. In addition to the sound machines, which can be purchased from MoCM, the workshop organizes relevant seminars and improvisational meetings that aim at exploring new sound avenues and finding new artistic codes. In other words, MoCM will continue challenging boundaries in unexpected areas and directions.